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Wilpattu-National Park


Jeeptour at Sri Lanka´s biggest National Park

Min. 2 persons

Wildlife (elephants, leopards, crocodiles...)


Ancient Kingdom

UNESCO world heritage

Min 2 persons


Dolphin Watch



Min 4 persons

Boat 65€

Ticket per person: 7,5€


Kite- & Windsurf Trips

Kappaladi Lagoon



Paradice Island

45€ incl. board for houseguests


Paradice Island Overnight

90€ incl. board for houseguests



3-4 days guided tours

min. 2 persons

Including: overnights in 3-4 stars hotels (with halfboard), Tourist-Guide (German/English), Driver & Car, Entrances.



Adventure Tour

Adventure Tour XL

3 days / 2 nights: Kandy and Yala: Prices on application (depending on number of persons)

4 days /3 nights: Kandy, Yala and Bentota: Prices on application (depending on number of persons)



Culture Tour

Culture Tour Extreme

3 days / 2 nights: Sighiriya and Kandy: Prices on application (depending on number of persons)

4 days /3 nights: Sighiriya, Kandy and Polonnaruwa: Prices on application (depending on number of persons)

We also organize and help you to compose your individual tour!


Ayurvedic Massages incl. special ayurvedic oils

Full body

50 min.



20 min.



20 min



20 min.



Wilpattu-National Park

Consisting 1.080 square kilometer, the Wilpattu-National Park is the biggest natural resort of Sri Lanka. Therefore it provides a native habitat of a huge variety of domestic wildlife such as bears, elephants, leopards and a lot more, which can be explored by a safari cheep tour. It is situated about 25km north of Puttalam and by the fact that this area of Sri Lanka is mostly pristine, the Wilpattu-National Park is one of the worthest to visit.

including: Transfer, vehicle, guide, admission charge and meals


Anuradhapura - Ancient Kingdom

As one of the oldest and most worth seeing cities of Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura is declared as UNESCO world heritage. A layer of the Bodh Gaya Tree, the tree where Gauthama Siddharta once had his enlightenment, was found there. Today, Anuradhapura is divided in a ruin area, with several big stupas and the newly developed center.

including: Transfer, guide, vehicle, admission charge and meals


Dolphin Watch Tour - Kalpitiya

There is one of the biggest pods of dolphins just a few kilometers off the coast. A boat ride will take you out to see this wild beauties in their natural habit. We are committed to the protection of our local dolphin population while giving you a pleasure on watching them.

Possible to watch dolphins from November to April!


Kalpitiya´s Uncover Tour

Nowadays Kalpitiya is known as one of the most original and native areas on the island. It is just recently explored for watersports and therefore not infested by tourist. We provide an insight in the common life of local fishermen and exhibit some inviolate natural spots for adventure, linger and kiting.

including: Transfer, guide, vehicle, admission charge and meals.


Pinnawala – Elephant´s orphanage

Here in the orphanage of elephants live approximately 60 animals. In the morning they will be driven to the Kuda-Oya River for bathing. Mainly for young animals it means a lot of fun and sometimes tourists get an “elephant shower”. You also get the chance there to watch or maybe help the feeding of the elephants, which is an amazing and unique experience.


Nuwara Eliya – The tee capital

Nuwara Eliya, or City of Light, is the tea capital of Sri Lanka at an altitude of approx. 1900 m and is the most visited hill station of the island. No wonder, since it means a break from the oppressive heat and humidity that surrounds the rest of Sri Lanka. Visiting the tea plantations you can learn how tea is produced and you may taste a cup of the world-famous “Ceylon tea” and buy some for home. On your way to Nuwara Eliya there are also some worth seeing places, like a waterfall or in this area you might see some monkeys in the trees.  



Kandy, Sri Lanka's second largest city and cultural capital is the gateway to the higher hills and tea plantations. The clarity of the air and its verdant, hilly outlook around the sacred lake make it a pleasant escape from the heat of the coasts. Kandy is home of the Dalada Maligawa, one of Buddhism's most sacred temple containing the palace of Sri Lanka's former king and the holy of holies, the relic of an actual tooth of the Lord Buddha. It is said that worldwide there are three of the Buddha's teeth - one in India, one in Thailand and this one in Sri Lanka. Every year in July/August, when eleven-days “Perahera” of Kandy is celebrated, it is carried by emblazed elephants.

As far as dancing is one of the singhalese arts and traditions, the popular Kandy-Dancer tell stories of gods and demons in magnificent costumes.

A Kandy city tour also implies the visit of the botanical garden "Peradeniya" , which is one of the biggest and most comprehensive botanical garden in whole South- and Southeastasia. It´s main focus forms a in 1861 planted Benjamin Ficus with an widely protruding crown. 

includingTransfer, guide, vehicle, admission charge and meals


Dambulla Rock Temple

The way to paradise is, as known, not easy and so is the path to the amazing Rock Temple of Dambulla, which is located on a rocks edge. While climbing the stairs to the Temple-caves you get a very nice view of the green and natural surrounding. Up there, Dambulla Rock Temple is a magnificent gallery of Buddha images and wall and ceiling paintings not seen anywhere else in the Island. It is a complex of five cave temples with its origin going back to the first century BC. 



 UNESCO appointed the town 1988 as world heritage, because of the very well preserved buildings of the Dutch occupation.  Narrow alleys, skew-whiff buildings with porches and small atriums, baroque lanterns and unspeakable street names. The harbor of Galle was very important for the industrial development and was aimed as an well known place for trading of jewelery, silk and spices. One of the most interresting sights in Galle is the big fort, built by the dutch, developed later by the britains and surrounded by an impressive and accesible fortification wall. 


The rock of Sigiriya

Sigiriya is a sixth century fortress perched on a 200 meters high rock and one the most dramatic of Sri Lanka's historic sites. Climb the amazing rock of Sigiriya with its impregnable palace fortress built in the fifth century and enjoy the magnificent views over the once royal pool, the throne, remains of the majestic palace, walk ways and garden. A gallery at its side present the most famous mural painting of Sri Lanka the “Cloud girls of Sighiriya”. The whole complex is designated as UNESCO world heritage.



Bentota: More South - at the western side of the Island – iyou will find thevery popular and touristy well developed Bentota. Many tourists, mainly interested in Ayurveda, enjoy the beautiful beaches, far away from European culture, to get new impressions. On Bentota River you can gain some first experiences in kite- or windsurfing to get fast routine for open sea. Moreover you can do much other sports at Bentota river, like wave riding, water ski, jet ski, fishing. Also some dive-spots and other attractions may brighten your holidays.
Transport from the airport, but also some transport between the spots, we can organize for you. If you´re interested, just contact us – we offer favourable conditions.